South African talks should be made public

EDITOR - Mr Robert Gabriel Mugabe and the stupid people that surround him is very much determined to drag Zimbabwe into abject poverty, and they don't care.

 Can you imagine a situation where the country’s populace is on its knees but this unpopular regime, which was rejected at the general elections of March 29, has the audacity to go to the extent of rewarding its hand-picked judiciary with expensive state-of-the-art Mercedes Benz vehicles, satellite dishes and tractors while the economy has totally collapsed.
The generality of the people are going without food and medicine while the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe sanctions such a massive and unnecessary national expenditure with the obvious blessing of the uncaring Mugabe, who has no slightest care of what the country has become. People who are opposed to his stupid method of governance are being murdered daily with the blessing of the police, who are themselves taking part in those killings.
Zimbabweans are running away and seeking asylum wherever they can go no matter how degrading living conditions are in those host countries. They prefer to live in those deplorable conditions than live in perpetual fear of death from a brutal Mugabe who has waged war against his own people.
I certainly find it very unreasonable and deplorable that whatever is being discussed at these talks in South Africa following the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding should not be disclosed while whatever they are going to agree upon will directly affect the livelihood of Zimbabweans. We have a right to know right from the beginning to the end. The MoU is in the public domain so why are we now not be allowed to know what is being said at these talks. Why should this be treated as if it’s a personal thing between Mugabe and Tsvangirai and Mutambara when this involves more that 15 million people whose lives has been shattered by the evil and tyrannical rule of Mugabe’s Zanu (PF)?

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