Standards decline at UZ

  EDITOR - Allow me to say my views. 

 The state of the University is now a pale shadow of it’s former self, with standards exponentially declining every day.


Our beloved varsity is now in danger of being relegated to a mere foot-note in the story of tertiary education because of Prof Nyayura and his Registrar Mr. Chevo.


Academic freedom are being trodden under foot by those two administrators, and the state, miscreants who do not have any genuine concern for member of the Staff.


It is unfortunate that because of mismanagement of the admin, the UZ is being driven of the objectives spelled out in section four of the UZ Acts


Many people who observe the UZ situation fail to recognise that Nyayura has made several serious errors of judgement in the past years- errors that, in my view, will cost him the post of being Vice Chancellor of the “UZ”.


For the first time registrar and the chief security officer (guard), Tarambiwa attack Chief Technician (elect) at his home.  Wrong on both counts. – C. JAMBO, Harare


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