The victory of democracy in Parliament

MDC Press Statement :-

The victory of democracy in Parliament.

The will of the people of Zimbabwe who voted for change on 29 March today
reverberated in Parliament when elected 110 MPs from across the political
divide voted for MDC national chairman, Lovemore Moyo, as the Speaker of the
7th Parliament of Zimbabwe.

This historic occasion has taken five months to fulfil; with at least 200

Zimbabweans having lost their lives due to political violence while

thousands were brutalised or had their homes burnt.

Hon Moyo won against Paul Themba Nyathi, who polled 98 votes. Nyathi’s

candidature was co-sponsored by the unholy alliance of  Zanu PF and Mr

Welshman Ncube, Mr Arthur Mutambara and Jonathan Moyo who tried in vain to

subvert the will of the people.

The MDC extends its profound gratitude all the MPs who voted for Hon Moyo,

including those from Zanu PF and from the other MDC who saw it worthwhile to

reinforce the will of the people as expressed on 29 March. They showed their

strength and desire to be true ambassadors of the people of Zimbabwe. There

is no doubt that the people of Zimbabwe have expressed themselves through

their elected representatives.

Some MPs braved arrests, intimidation and violence to come to Parliament to

give meaning to the people’s wishes and aspirations as expressed on 29

March. Parliament has now become a true deliberative platform; the bastion

of real democracy. Today’s voting pattern is a harbinger of good things to

come. With unity of purpose, the seventh Parliament will become a vehicle of

bringing change and a new culture in the way the people’s affairs are


Today’s election shows that the nation is guaranteed of robust debate and a

new era in which Parliament will cease to be a rubber-stamp of the whims of

the executive but becomes a true deliberative platform of the people’s


History has been made. The onus is now on Parliament to deal with the

people’s affairs taking into cognisance their basic needs of food, jobs,

transport, better health care and education.

We believe that the MPs will come up with a legislative agenda that

addresses the people’s needs.

God is on our side. The people are on our side. History is on our side. The

people shall govern.

Hon Nelson Chamisa, MP

Secretary for Information and Publicity

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