Agreement gives room for democracy – Moyo

MDC National chairman and Speaker of Parliament, Lovemore Moyo, addressing Zimbabweans in the UK this week.
BIRMINGHAM - The MDC signed the power-sharing deal with Zanu (PF) after carefully considering the plight of people suffering under the leadership of an increasingly autocratic government whi

MDC national chairman and Speaker of Parliament, Lovemore Moyo, told a news conference here at the weekend that the all-inclusive government would give his party a chance to democratize the country, where the rule of law is all but non-existent.

Moyo said that in agreeing to the deal, under threat now as the parties fail to agree over ministerial positions, the MDC was faced with two choices. The first was the continued militarization of our body of politics and all its organs on one hand and the growing impatience of the agents of change on the other.

He said another round of negotiations without results would have entrenched the parties’ different positions, leaving a vacuum. The MDC believed the agreement would give it enough room to democratize the country, especially as the parties had agreed on the need for a new people-driven constitution within 18 months.

He said with his party in control of Parliament and the help of MPs from the breakaway MDC faction, he was confident of bringing the desired change. Iindeed the feeling and the mood for change runs across political parties, he said.

Moyo added the MDC was aware of Mugabe’s negation after the signing of the 1987 accord. Zanu (PF) did not honour the promises it had agreed on with PF Zapu in 1980 and 1987. In light of this assertion, the MDC remains cautious and diligent when dealing with Zanu (PF). He had earlier addressed a well-attended MDC rally in Birmingham.

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