MFP rallies behind MDC

JOHANNESBURG - The Matabeleland Freedom Party (MFP) has thrown its weight behind Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party's stance to reject the proposed government of national unity with Zanu (PF) unless the "will of the people" is reflected in the new administration.

MFP secretary-general, Andrea Sibanda, said his party was in full agreement with MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s refusal to recognise Robert Mugabe as the country’s legitimate leader, saying the veteran politician was defeated in a fair election held last March.

“The Matabeleland Freedom party endorses the stand taken by Tsvangirai not to recognise Mugabe’s claim on the presidency. A parliament convened by an illegitimate head of state is illegitimate itself. MFP recognises only the individual members of parliament whose election was not marred by violence. However, the MFP is committed to an even stronger rejection of Mugabe and his inner circle,” said Sibanda.

The MFP’s comments come barely a day after Tsvangirai again strongly rejected Mugabe’s legitimacy, and called for fresh elections.

Sibanda said: “Our position remains that Mugabe is illegitimate and was defeated in the March elections. The June presidential run-off could never be acceptable because of the murders, rapes, torture, and many other forms of human rights abuses that Mugabe and his police, army and militia, committed and continue to inflict on the people. We call upon the United Nations to follow the same process as they courageously undertook in Sudan, and refer the history of violence in Zimbabwe to the International Criminal Court at The Hague.”  – CAJ News

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