Open letter to Thabo Mbeki

Why are you so scared? 

Mr Mbeki, the views expressed in this letter are not just my own, but represent the views of many Zimbabweans I have spoken to in New Zealand, in Zimbabwe and in the UK.

We now strongly believe that you are the problem in the Zimbabwean crisis. Publicly you have stated that Zimbabweans must make a decision on the future of the country on their own, without external influence, but privately, according to press reports, you personally drafted what you thought could be an acceptable amicable agreement to the Zimbabwean crisis, which, unfortunately Robert Mugabe and Arthur Mutambara accepted because they were undeserving beneficiaries. Fortunately, Man of the People, MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai, refused to accept your proposed deal.

You know it very well that:

1. MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai defeated Robert Mugabe in the last credible Presidential election held in Zimbabwe;

2. SADC Observers fail to endorse the sham which Mugabe claims to be an election which is the basis on which you want to retain power to Mugabe. You as the current SADC Chair, must respect observations made by bodies carrying out official SADC assignments; 3. Other observers of the 27 June event that took place in Zimbabwe, both of the African bodies, described the event as “not a credible election”.

If you are so scared of Robert Mugabe that you cannot tell him in the face “Old man, you lost it”, then the best you can do is to accept that you are a stupid coward and leave the efforts to higher authorities like the African Union and the UN.

I am sure you also know very well that your own reputation is on the line, and you should make a quick decision to retain the confidence that a few world leaders still have in you before you leave office next year.

I hope you will do the honourable thing to respond to these views.


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