A Pressure Group around the Deal

The Wave: What we stand for
This serves to inform the public of the birth of a dynamic pressure group that enters the fray offering a purely different package. Our inauguration comes just after the signing of an agreement for a government of national unity (GNU) in Zimbabwe. The Wave will therefore make the agreement its first point of focus.


Our Values


The Wave is a pressure group whose core values are to protect the will of The Zimbabwean people. Without fear or favour, we oppose politicians from any party who subvert the will of the people whether it be through lies, violence, corruption, laziness or other forms of selfishness. We will use a holistic approach to combat such evils – our methods are peaceful and disciplined, yet powerful. We will utilize techniques never before seen in the context of the Zimbabwean struggle. Ultimately, our goal is to bring about peace, tolerance, humility and accountability.


Our Mission

We have noted with grave concern how GNUs mostly suit the warring factions at the expense of the people. The Wave seeks to bring massive pressure to bear on the GNU to abide by the will of the people. A vacuum has potentially been created by the narrowing of the political divide. As the parties draw closer history has it that the people will be forgotten. It is our duty to make sure that the will of the people is safegauded until a true democratic space has been realised.

The Wave will be a non-partisan voice for Zimbabweans of all tribes and races. We will use standard methods -demonstations, public annoncements, media campaigns, and the like – but, as alluded to above, The Wave will not hestitate to use dynamic and unorthodox, yet peaceful, techniques to make the people’s will heard and felt. Democratic space can only be created if massive pressure is mounted on the politicians. They shall be slaves not masters.


The constitution is a vital tool for attaining and defending our democratic space.To us, the constitution is sacrosanct. We will work with zeal to see it rec-created and become the guardian of the people. It is our intention to work with relevant organisations like NCA to see the document put in place within 18 months.

It is our belief that the people will only begin to be empowered when elections are conducted in a democratic space tutored by a people’s constitution. Therefore, in addition to a new constitution, we will be pushing for early elections – 2013 is too long – 5 years is too much time for politicians to keep their own space and become fat on the toil of the people. March 29 was but the first word – the people have much more to say. The Wave says: let their voice be heard. Those who resist declare that they are afraid to submit to the people. They can run, but we will not let them hide.


These are but a few of the things that The Wave will pursue with zeal. We call on all who love Zimbabwe to put their shoulders to the wheel. The struggle is far from over!

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