Let go Zanu (PF)

EDITOR - There is a clear distinction between dictatorship and democracy and these two political approaches do not go hand in hand. In Shona they say kuwanza shungu handi kugona basa' it is high time Zanu (PF) to let go.

It is almost impossible to imagine Zanu (PF) governing the country without some form of repression. Zimbabwe remains clouded in the lack of accountability of its leaders and that shows how far democracy remains a dream.

Unity with Mugabe will not work. Zanu (PF) is buying time so that they can revive the economy at the expense of MDC. MDC is being used as a stepping-stone and as long as China and Russia remain friends with Mugabe Zanu (PF) will continue to be arrogant.

Mugabe was quoted saying, We (Zanu PF) will not tolerate any nonsense – Zanu (PF) is monumentally unrepentant.

There are no words that can justify what Zanu (PF) has put us through for the last 28 years: genocide, tribal divisions, nepotism, hunger, dictatorship, repression. Mugabe will always be a stubborn stain in the history of Zimbabwe. – TAFARA NHENGU, by e-mail

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