Letter for Tsvangirai

EDITOR - Congratulations on the historic signing of the GNU agreement.

I vividly recall your apt remark a few days after the much publicized signing ceremony: ‘The devil is in the implementation’.

The intransigence displayed by Zanu (PF) in the sharing of ministries, is just a foretaste of what you will have to live with; if ever this GNU takes off. If you ever thought that Zanu (PF) was serious about sharing power, then you are in for a rude awakening. ZAPU was once a formidable party, but today it is confined to history textbooks.

The MDC has, on numerous occasions, set demands or preconditions that they never followed up on. Before every election you set demands that you wanted met before your participation. However, much to the delight of Zanu (PF), you participated in every election without your demands being met.

Before you signed the MOU, one of your demands was that all the detained MDC activists and supporters should be released from police custody. To this day your supporters are still languishing in jail.

If you do not get these key ministries, you will be a ceremonial prime minister par excellence. By getting into bed with Zanu (PF), you are giving the monster a much needed breather and time to re-group. You are saving a Zanu (PF) that was on its deathbed. If you are really for the people, then bring total independence, not this charade of a GNU. – TAWANDA MUDZINGWA, by e-mail

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