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Hundreds of people have been crowding the three local banks trying to withdraw money for food, there was almost a riot at the CBZ bank yesterday and the police had to be called, they were forced to use batons to subdue the crowd.

People have to have cash to buy food, or pay the cheque or RTGS rate which is something like 150 times more than the cash money rate, no one can afford this.

Maize meal is very hard to find and the little that does become available can still only bought from ZANU PF for forex money only, last price R30 per 10kg, which in Zimbabwe dollars is $3750 if you were purchasing Rands on the street.

The few remaining farmers are still getting harassed by ZANU PF big wigs who are producing offer letters, the latest to suffer are Gary and Theresa Warth on their Wasara Ranch in the Chiredzi River Conservancy, some 40km North of Chiredzi.

On the 22nd Sept 2008 Mrs. E Maziriri ex MP for Chivi Masvingo district arrived with the district lands officer, Mr. J. Chimoto, District Resettlement officer Mr. M. Muvondoli and the District Environment Officer Mr. P A. Magodi and produced an offer letter. She had come to take over their small irrigation block which is security fenced near the homestead, she was also demanding that Gary and Theresa provide her with accommodation at the homestead , this they refused as all available accommodation was fully used by their staff and game scouts. Mrs. E. Maziriri has been back several time with local militia to try and force the issue, they have cut fences broken gates and threatened Theresa who was alone at the time as Gary had rushed off to Masvingo and Harare to try and get some kind of intervention. Police eventually intervened but only after they had been harassed by friends of the Warths and given a vehicle to take them there. Mrs. E. Maziriri is still harassing the Warths for accommodation and has prevented there labour from working, this is helping to increase the poaching on the ranch.

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