MDC demands immediate end to harassment, arrests of civic leaders

MDC demands immediate end to harassment, arrests of civic leaders

The MDC notes with concern the continued arrests and beatings of civic society leaders and activists, further pointing to the intransigence of Zanu PF in letting democracy thrive in the country in line with the new political dispensation.

The MDC notes with concern the arrest and detention of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA), Jennie Williams in Bulawayo for staging a peaceful sit-in at government offices demanding the immediate formation of an inclusive government and the access of food by the starving millions in the country.

Williams, Nokuthula Mahlangu and a group of other concerned women were demanding food aid for millions of starving Zimbabweans and the immediate formation of an inclusive government.

As women they were showing real concern about the continued abuse of food aid by the Zanu PF regime as a political tool while millions of Zimbabweans who are in dire need of food assistance are going hungry.

It is also the women who are bearing the brunt by the stalemate in the negotiations to form a transitional government as they and their children are mostly affected by the ever-rising price increases and the decline in social services such as water, transport, housing, health and education.

Children are failing to go to school because the teachers are on strike while most hospitals are operating below capacity, as they have no drugs, doctors and nurses. There is an outbreak of diseases such as cholera in the country which clear evidence of deteriorating standards in the country.

Yet the Zanu PF regime is fiddling and arresting civic society leaders while the country burns.

While it is clear that Zimbabwe is burning, Zanu PF has shown a glaring deficit of sincerity in the implementation of the political settlement.

The MDC demands an immediate end to the harassment and arrest of civil society leaders and activists. We demand that Zanu PF complies with the people’s will, which is the expedient formation of an inclusive government that will result in unfettered democracy where the people of Zimbabwe will be free to express themselves. After all the right of citizens to freedoms such as assembly, association and speech is guaranteed in the political settlement signed by the three leaders of the three major political parties on 15 September 2008.

It is now clear that Zanu PF is an antithesis to democracy and freedom in Zimbabwe.

In a new Zimbabwe citizens shall have the right and freedom to protest and express themselves in a peaceful and democratic manner.

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