MDC should be wary

EDITOR - We applaud the MCD for updating the people on what is taking place. Information dissemination is vital and we should constantly remind the world of the sinister behaviour of Mugabe and his Zanu (PF).

The Swaziland no show may be Mugabe’s waterloo. Dictators have a tendency to

overrate themselves and push their luck too far. Mugabe might have had an opportunity to meet with the regional leaders in the absence of the MDC but it will not help him much.

We have every reason to demand things in writing, Mugabe has demonstrated that he is not willing to play fair so all demands must be tabled and the agreement should be rid of vague clauses.

At the moment the illegal regime in Harare has no accountability and is plundering and looting national resources. There must be a parliamentary committee to record what is taking place during these negotiations and how government resources are being used.

Mugabe is waiting for an opportunity to crash the party by locking up its leadership. MDC needs to have an emergency plan to avoid the detention of national leaders. – ANON., Harare

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