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The following ministerial allocations were discussed but not concluded in the deliberations of the three principals when they met on Friday, except that Zanu PF wanted to take the ministries of Finance, Home Affairs, Local Government and Foreign Affairs from the MDC. This list, contrary to the one published by The Herald, captures the general understanding during the deliberations. 








1.     Finance

2.     Economic planning

3.     Home Affairs

4.     Foreign Affairs

5.     Justice and Legal Affairs

6.     Local Government

7.     Health and Child Welfare

8.     Education

9.     Energy and power Development

10. Media & Information Publicity

11. Labour and Social Welfare

12. Women, Gender and Community Development

13. Environment, Natural Resources and Tourism


1.     Defence

2.     Lands, Agriculture and Resettlement

3.     Mines and Mineral Development

4.     Parliamentary and Constitutional Affairs

5.     Youth Development and Indigenization

6.     Higher and Tertiary Education

7.     Public Service

8.     National Housing and Social Amenities

9.     Public Works

10. Water Resources, Development and Management

11. Information and Communication Technology

12. State Enterprises and Parastatals

13. Transport

14. Small and Medium Enterprises

15. Prisons and Correctional Services


1.     Science and Technology development

2.     Regional Integration and International Cooperation

3.     Industry and Commerce




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