Passport debacle

EDITOR - The passport debacle was an attack on the regional institution of SADC by Zanu (PF).

Mugabe knows very well that Prime Minister designate does not have a passport. Which country in the world would have one of its highest-ranking officers travel on an Emergency Travel document?

As Tendai Biti has very well articulated, the passport issue is ‘symptomatic of the Zanu (PF)’s insincerity in the negotiation.’  

Who would have guessed that after all the parties signed the MoU and the power-sharing

agreement, the Prime Minister would be denied a passport.

The only lasting solution for the people of Zimbabwe is to make sure that MDC holds the Home Affairs Ministry, if not, more people are going to be killed by Mugabe’s militia. – T.G. MAZHAMBE, Manicaland

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