Zimbabwe National Students Union Statement on Mugabe’s Cabinet gazette

The Zimbabwe National Students Union is totally outraged by Mugabe's barbaric behavior, contempt of the Power Sharing arrangement and lack of political will to assist the nation in finding a lasting solution to the crisis bedeviling our country.

Mr. Mugabe announced a new cabinet list without agreement and due consultation with the other partners in the all inclusive government.

The list effectively removes the two MDCs from being partners to spectators in the governing and running of the affairs of the country. We are further disturbed that the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary education has been given to Zanu Pf contrary to our expectations. ZANU PF has demonstrated a history of failure as evidenced by the current collapse in the education sector. ZINASU has expressed its reservations to the deal although we feel it provides a framework for moving ahead. In this light we had hoped that a new dispensation in the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary education will in the transition address some of the challenges facing students.

With all Zimbabweans expecting maturity and genuine commitment to have Zimbabweans working together for the renaissance of Zimbabwe, the only country we have, Mugabe went on to defy, betray and frustrate the aspirations of the people.

We urge Mugabe to get back to his senses, the people invested confidence in the September 15 political settlement. The students and the people have suffered and demand a solution now.  

Our demands as students remain as reflected below:

Free and quality education

A people driven constitution that guarantees education as a fundamental human right

An improvement in the quality of life and learning conditions for students

Lifting of suspensions and expulsions for students

An improvement in the working conditions of academic and non-academic personnel

Grants for students

Repeal of oppressive legislature (University ordinances, POSA, AIPPA etc) and restoration of full civil liberties.

On behalf of the students of Zimbabwe,

Clever Bere


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