"I personally told President Robert Mugabe that you don't have the majority and he said I do. And I said you don't,"

Lesotho PM urges Zimbabwe leaders to resolve deadlock

Southern African leaders cannot order Zimbabwe around but the feuding
leaders of the crisis-riven nation should resolve their differences in
the national interest, Lesotho’s prime minister said Friday.

Pakalitha Mosisili told journalists said the deadlock in the
power-sharing deal in Zimbabwe had to be unblocked internally,
stressing that the Southern African Development Community (SADC) could
not impose its will.

"SADC is not a super government. It is just an association of sovereign
countries and can not impose directives in Zimbabwe because it is a
sovereign country and we must respect that," he told journalists.

Lesotho, a tiny mountain country engulfed by South Africa, is a member
of the 15-nation bloc which unsuccessfully tried last weekend to break
Zimbabwe’s ongoing political deadlock.

Mosisili accused Zimbabwe’s leaders of being selfish.

"I personally told President Robert Mugabe that you don’t have the
majority and he said I do. And I said you don’t," Mosisili said,
speaking in the local Sotho language.

Under a power-sharing deal signed on September 15

— whose implementation has been blocked over key cabinet posts —
Mugabe will remain president while main opposition leader Morgan
Tsvangirai will assume the new post of prime minister following
contested elections.

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