MDC director for security abducted

Retribution against political opponents is continuing in spite of the on going negotiations to form a power sharing government between ZANU PF and the two MDC parties.

The Tsvangirai MDC claim two more activists were abducted from their
homes on Tuesday night, while the 14 activists and a two year old baby
are still missing.

MDC MP and policy coordinator Eddie Cross said: Last night (Tuesday)
around midnight one of the MDC’s main security men was abducted from
his home and his whereabouts is unknown. It is reported that there was
another MDC victim was abducted last night but the identity has yet to
be established.

Our Harare correspondent Simon Muchemwa said that Chris Dlamini the MDC
Director for Security was abducted from his Harare home and is nowhere
to be found. It is reported that Dlamini is a former police officer who
has been working with MDC in various security portfolios, until early
this year when he was elevated to Director.

Muchemwa said the second abduction was in Norton, west of Harare. The
name of the victim has only been provided as Baba VaSarudzai.

Meanwhile, the police still have not produced the other 15 activists to
court despite High Court orders. They were abducted three weeks ago
under a ZANU PF code name Operation Ngatipedzenavo (Lets finish them

The Mugabe regime is accusing Botswana of harbouring MDC activists who
are planning resistance operation, accusations that have been strongly
denied by Botswana Foreign Minister Phandu Skelemani.

Responding to the allegations of harbouring MDC militia camps,
Skelemani in a recent BBC interview said: It's a lie in fact and we
have invited them to come and they came last week – the Zimbabweans –
to the Troika which was meeting in Gaborone, and we said where is the
evidence? You know what they said? They said no, we have no evidence
here let's go to Harare. The evidence is the people who are
incarcerated in Harare. Those are the people who will tell the Troika
where the training camps are. Our attitude? No, No, no, show us the
camps in Botswana, you can't show us the camps in Harare. We want a
physical pointing out. That's where they are, they have no evidence.

MDC officials believe the false accusations could be linked to the abductions.

By Violet Gonda

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