Time to declare cholera a national disaster

Dear Editor,
Over a month now since the cholera outbreak hit Harare and other parts of the country the government has not yet accepted that this outbreak is national disaster.

People across the country are dying like flies yet Zanu PF would like to treat this outbreak as nothing serious.

you get over 50 people dying within three days in a small town like
Beitbridge, one just wonders what it would take for the government to
realize that it the time bomb has at last exploded.

The people
of Zimbabwe have been pleading with the Zimbabwe National Water
Authority (Zinwa) and government for years now to cede the distribution
of water to local councils but they have been adamant.

Now this
arrogance has led to a disaster and still the government does not want
to own up and declare this a national crisis.    


TG Mazhambe,


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