Bingu party undemocratic says Dausi

nicholous_dausi.jpg Nicholous Dausi Dausi: DPP violates its own constitution adn the Republican constitution
Spokesman of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Nicholous Dausi has branded the party as undemocratic.Dausi speaking on Capital FM said

The spokesman said in reaction to his loss in the primary elections for
Mwanza central constituency in which sitting parliamentarian, Minister
of Labour Davis Katsonga carried the day.

They have disenfranchised thousands of my supporters, said Dausi who
accused government spokeswoman Patricia Kaliati of not following the
party and Republican Constitution when presiding over the primaries.

Dausi said the people were denied their right to choose their preferred
parliamentary candidate when Kaliati barred some delegates from voting.

They have violated the constitution of DPP and of the country, blasted Dausi.

The outspoken politician who is also President Mutharika advisor of
unity said he is not burry his ambitions for parliamentary seat.

Politics is a continuous struggle, said Dausi but could not elaborate on what would be his next move.

However, Kaliati hit back at Dausi saying he is a failed politician who
wanted to form party committee during the primaries.Kaliati described
Dausi's actions as unfortunate.

Deputy Information Minister John Bande also dismissed Dausi assertions that DPP is undemocratic and chaotic.

DPP is organized, Bande who went unopposed in Blantyre City East said on Capital FM.

The deputy minister said Mphepo did not contest against him owing to
what he said proper organization of the party rebutting Dausi
assertions of undemocratic tendencies.

Mphepo voluntarily withdrew. He is senior political advisor to
President Mutharika and DPP deputy secretary general, said Bande.

Katsonga also said in separate interview that DPP was practicing good
democracy and said Dausi could not see that because of being obsessed
with dictatorship.

Dausi has been Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member from the time of one
party dictatorship until recently when he was coerced to join
Mutharika's party.

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