Dr Ndlovu emberraced the nation

Dr Ndlovu emberraced the nation

The most absurd and ridiculous statement is what the supposed to be Dr – but far from it said about Cholera in Zimbabwe. How can a man at the level of both age and education like Dr. Skhanyiso Ndlovu say boldly that Cholera in Zim has been manufactured by Britain and America?

I went to CHitungwiza long before the disease became a national emergency and I saw with my own eyes sewer pipes burst and blocked. Dirty water flowing down any form of slope in the townships. My car almost got stuck in the dirt. Was that anything to do with Britain or America or it was just a show of failure by the town Council?

In Gweru, Mkoba Village 11 pipes burst and sewer water was flowing down slopes, collected in the small ditches and streams. ZINWA could not supply the city with water and people collected sewer water to bath and wash then boil and drink. Was it western power influence?

In Bulawayo, Nketa 7 there is a busstop that got the name "Ema sewagine" meaning "by the sewer area." Was tha British faeces?

There is barely clean water anywhere in the country and a man whose supposed to be minister says such unreasonable comments. If cholera was a kind of war by the West it surely could have started somewhere near the State House. May I challenge the minister and say, "That is enough display of idiotic and moronic idealism that has caused us to suffer this far. If I were him I would have resigned the moment his speech was televised."  I am ashamed that the world may associate such a mindset with our nation.

Minister please, take time to think before you say certain utterances.

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