NCA paves way for ZCTU action.

National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) actions scheduled for Tuesday, 2 December 2008 have been moved to Thursday, 4 December 2008.

The move has been made to allow members of the NCA to join ZCTU in its
planned peaceful protest. The NCA fully supports the ZCTU action and
urges its members and the general public to take part in the protest.
There is great need for civil society and the public at large to
continue to facilitate numerous and diverse protest actions until
democracy is established in Zimbabwe.

On Thursday, the NCA will continue with its campaign of peaceful
protests in support of its three-point plan for bringing democracy and
prosperity to Zimbabwe.  The NCA invites all Zimbabweans to join in the
demonstrations on Thursday.

The three-point plan that the NCA has proposed in response to the country's political, social and economic crisis is as follows:

1.    Transitional Government. There must be set up a Transitional
Government, whether composed of the political parties engaged in the
current dialogue or by neutral people with the immediate responsibility
of addressing our humanitarian tragedy: food crisis, health crisis,
water crisis, cash crisis. It must avert starvation and save lives. It
must restore normalcy to other aspects of our national life.

2.    People-Driven Constitution. During the lifespan of the
Transitional Government, Zimbabweans must be given full freedom to
write their own constitution in an open process such as that outlined
in the Zimbabwe People's Charter. The process must end with a

3.    Free and Fair Elections. Free and fair elections must be held
under the new constitution and the new government emanating from the
elections must be installed. The elections must be internationally
supervised and monitored.

Madock Chivasa

NCA Spokesperson

Mobile: 0912 904 492

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