NCA Statement on Protests by Zimbabwe Security personnel

The NCA expresses its disapproval of the Harare regime's failure to govern the once might Zimbabwe. The deteriorating humanitarian and political crisis has seen our state security organs for the first time in the history of this once peaceful country taking to the streets demanding that government address their problems.

Today's protest by members of the national army is a clear testimony
that the state security is in danger. It is a clear signal that if
nothing is done in the next few days the country might degenerate in
chaos and hubbub The NCA reiterates that there has to be immediate
action by SADC and the Zimbabwean political parties in setting up a
transitional authority with the chief mandate of averting the
humanitarian catastrophe ravaging the country.

The NCA notes sadly that the break down in the security system comes at
a time when the government is ball watching as cholera and anthrax
threatens the existence of the nation, threatening to wipe out the
whole populace. It is in this wake that the NCA calls for a
transitional authority to be put in place to avert impending anarchy

The NCA noting that the grievances by the security apparatus are
genuine however condemns in the strongest terms the behaviour displayed
by the army and the police in beating struggling Zimbabweans and
looting from ordinary people's shops. We call upon the security forces
to join hands with the people rather than fight the people. It is time
for these important institutions' to understand that they are in it
with everyone else. Let us all join hands and fight for our future

Madock Chivasa

NCA Spokesperson


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