Indolent civil workers to go – Tanzanian Gvt

The government has said it will no longer tolerate civil servants who do not properly fulfill their duties. Speaking at a public rally in Loliondo District yesterday, the Vice President, Dr Ali Mohammed Shein, said he was disappointed at what he saw at Oloirien/Magaiduru Village, Orgosorok Ward in Ngorongoro District where a dispensary built by the villagers had failed to function for eight years.

Magaiduru village residents constructed their dispensary and houses for medical staff eight years ago but to date they are unable to get services they wanted because, I am told, of lack of medical staff, he said. He told the rally that what he saw in Magaiduru was unacceptable and noted that there were people within the government who did not know their responsibilities and even if they did, they did not know when and how to perform those responsibilities.

We have division of labour. Everyone has his or her responsibilities but it seems among us there are some who do not know what to do. We can not wait for the President, Vice President or the Prime Minister to perform everything. People must change, he told the cheering crowd.

Earlier, addressing Oloirien Magaiduru villagers who blocked his entourage, using hospital equipment including boxes of medicine, Dr Shein directed the regional authority to make sure within three weeks the dispensary started functioning. I am sorry for what has befallen you but I want to assure you that it is neither the intention of your government nor a deliberate incident.

I am taking this issue seriously and I am directing the regional authorities to liaise with other responsible ministries to make sure this dispensary starts working in three weeks time, he said amid cheers from the villagers. In a tense mood, the Vice President toured the dispensary and the medical staff houses showering questions to the accompanying leaders but many had no answers.

We cannot waste our people's efforts this way. We have been telling them to support their government through contribution in development projects like this. They have answered our call, but this way we are letting them down. It is very unfortunate, he lamented and added that the government could no longer tolerate such negligence.

Without pointing finger to anyone Dr Shein told villagers that, had other leaders in the region visited the dispensary long ago, he could not have found the discouraging situation. The villagers told Vice President that they started building the dispensary in 1994 and finished it in early 2000 but since then they waited for medical staff to no avail.

They said they had to walk long distance to follow medical services which resulted in many deaths of expectant mothers and children. The vice president was in Arusha for a four-day visit. He officiated the opening of the 26th Scientific Conference of Tanzania Veterinary Association held at AICC and later made a two-day visit in Ngorongoro District. – Daily News

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