Malawi: Maize flour drive Mangochi elephants crazy

Elephants, no more quality time but terrorises people's home
Thousands of villagers in the area of T/A Mponda in Mangochi district are living in absolute panic after elephants resorted to destroying people's homes and crops in sear

But the recent development is said to be serious particularly in Njereza area where the wild animals have gone on rampage searching for food in people's houses. 

Village Headman John Sawadi confirmed the development to Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) saying the elephants are being attracted by the smell of maize flour in the homes. 

Once they smell the maize flour, the elephants are reported to be forcing their way into the houses thereby destroying them in the process. 

ZBS correspondent in Mangochi confirmed having seen four houses that have been brought down by the huge wild creatures. No death has so far been reported. 

About 10 people have been killed over the last four years since the elephants started causing havoc in the area. 

Surprisingly, the villagers in the area have been refusing government's decision to shift the animals to Majete Game Reserve in Chikwawa district saying it is part of their natural resources. 

Phirilongwe Forest Reserve is not fenced unlike Majete, a development that gives the animals liberty to move in and out at will.  – Nyasa Times

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