Statement by the President of the Movement for Democratic Change, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai, on the Glob


Statement by the President of the Movement for Democratic Change, Mr.
Morgan Tsvangirai, on the Global Political Agreement and his return to Zimbabwe, Johannesburg South Africa

Ladies and gentlemen,
Today, it is exactly 4 months since the signing of the GPA. Sadly, the Zanu PF regime has frustrated every effort to make the deal work. Mr.
Mugabe and his party have, on numerous occasions violated both the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and the Global Political Agreement with impunity.
This delay in implementing both the letter and spirit of the Global Political Agreement has caused untold suffering to the people of Zimbabwe.
Arbitrary abductions and arrest of opposition, civic society leaders and known democratic advocates is the order of the day. Jestina Mukoko, Zimbabwe Peace Project director, MDC and civic organization members are still languishing in prison on trumped up charges. Court orders to release them have been ignored. The whereabouts of 11 MDC members remain unknown amidst growing fears for their safety.  I ask SADC to acknowledge the seriousness of these ongoing crimes under both Zimbabwean and international law by condemning the continued persecution of innocent citizens.
Schools have failed to open doors and our children are having their future stolen from them.
The man-made humanitarian crisis continues to deteriorate. The nation has lost over 2000 people due to cholera, an easily treatable disease.
There is no medicine available and most of the government hospitals have shut down, for the first time in the history of our country.
The Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), have done a tremendous job and their work is greatly appreciated. There is need for a government that also plays its part to complement these efforts. Zanu will not solve the problems because they lack the will.  They will not do what is necessary.  The MDC cannot solve the problems because we lack the power.  We need to transfer power from Zanu officials who will not solve the problems, to MDC officials who will.
 The Zimbabwean economy has collapsed and the regime continues propose solutions that are completely out of touch with events pertaining on the ground. With many shops now selling goods in foreign currency, those Zimbabweans, particularly civil servants, the army and the police, who are earning Zimbabwe dollars can buy nothing with their monthly wage. These professionals are being impoverished while they work to serve the country and this cannot be allowed to continue.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I still believe that a political agreement offers the best means of preventing Zimbabwe from becoming a failed state. I am committed to forming a new inclusive government in Zimbabwe and all I lack is a willing partner.
In this regard I wrote recently to His Excellency, President Motlanthe of South Africa, and to Mr. Mugabe indicating the urgent need for myself and Mr. Mugabe to have a meeting.  I requested President Motlanthe, in his capacity as the SADC chairman to organize this meeting.  If Mr Mugabe is serious about working with me to lead Zimbabwe out of its current crisis then he will meet me with to resolve the outstanding issues.
On these issues, and on our commitment to this agreement, the MDC’s position has not changed. We remain committed to the consummation of the global political agreement subject to the resolution of the following issues:
1.    National Security Council Legislation

It is imperative that the National Security Council legislation be put in place to determine the management and governance of all security departments of the country. The failure to realize the need for change by the departments of police, CIO and, army  in light of the signing of the GPA further proves the need to have these arms put under the effective control and management of all parties. The recent abductions, torture and assault of innocent Zimbabweans is further evidence of the need for this legislation.

2.   Allocation of Ministries
The equitable allocation of ministries remains undone, and this is a key ingredient to setting up the inclusive government. This is a painless exercise if it is done in utmost good faith. It is therefore necessary that it be done as a matter of urgency.
3.   Appointment of senior Government Officials.
The appointment of Provincial Governors and other senior officials in government, is another key issue still to be satisfied as far as the GPA is concerned. This is crucial if we are to attain genuine power sharing. There are appointments of Provincial Governors, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor and the Attorney General that have since been done. These appointments were done in contravention of the MOU and the GPA. Therefore as far as we are concerned there are null and void. In the letter and spirit of the GPA they should have been done in consultation with me.
4.   Breaches to the MOU and the GPA
These have been ongoing since the signing of the above agreements and are vivid evidence of the bad faith with which Zanu PF entered into this agreement. These include the abductions and illegal detentions, the crackdown on civil society organizations, the unilateral appointment of senior civil servants and the vile hate speech spewed by the state media.

These must stop immediately and those abducted and illegally detained must be released unconditionally if this agreement is to be consummated.

5.   The Constitutional Amendment number 19
The roles of the President and Prime Minister need to be defined by law and it can only be possible after the successful enactment of amendment 19 to the constitution of Zimbabwe. Without this legal requirement being fulfilled there is clearly no basis for these appointments. Hence, the proposal to appoint me as Prime Minister is irregular.
Pushing the MDC into a government without fulfillment of these issues constitutes a false start. We urge SADC and the African Union, as the guarantor of this negotiation process to impress upon all key stakeholders that this is the time to stand in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe.
Now it is time for Mr Mugabe to show whether or not he is committed to this agreement by meeting with me and resolving these issues. The MDC has made many painful compromises during this negotiation process.
However, we will not and cannot accept responsibility without authority as we have the mandate from the people to deliver a New Zimbabwe.
To the people of Zimbabwe, I salute your enduring resolve and remind you, nothing lives forever. The MDC will not betray your sacrifice. We represent your aspirations and hope.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been out of Zimbabwe since 10th November,
2008 because the regime refused to issue me with a passport. I have used this time to renew our diplomatic offensive to highlight the situation in Zimbabwe and I believe this has added value to our struggle.
On Christmas Day, after a six month wait, I finally received my passport and this Saturday, I will return to Zimbabwe to continue to fulfill the mandate that we, the MDC, have from the people, to build a new, democratic, peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe.

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