ZANU-PF taskforce on food stealing maize from GMB

Zimbabwe hasn't been able to feed itself over the last decade
The Zanu-PF led food taskforce in Bulawayo has been fingered in a massive maize scandal that involves thousands of tonnes of grain.   

Sources revealed that the taskforce chaired by the Bulawayo Provincial administrator, Leonard Ncube, has been siphoning maize and mealie-meal from the state-run Grain Marketing Board to the black market where the commodity fetches more money in United States dollars.

The sources said the Zanu-PF taskforce was working in cohorts with small millers to steal from the GMB and sell maize to residents at inflated rates.

Sources disclosed that the Zanu-PF taskforce was demanding 70 percent of the maize and mealie-meal proceeds from the small millers.

Ncube confessed that there was a lot of corruption. He also said there were many loopholes in the mealie-meal distribution which needed to be tightened.
He blamed the millers for supplying the blackmarket and said the taskforce would closely monitor food distribution.

I can tell you is that a lot of robbery is taking place and there are also loopholes in the programme, said Ncube.

Zimbabweans are sleeping on empty stomachs while the Zanu-PF thugs are looting the resources in the name of sourcing the grain for the lowly-paid residents.

Shops in Bulawayo stopped receiving mealie-meal from the food taskforce in June when President Robert Mugabe was trying to lure voters to rally behind him in the failed Presidential run-off.

The massive corruption by the taskforce has forced residents to resort to the imported mealie-meal sold by shops that were licenced by Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Gideon Gono.

Revelations are that the Zanu-PF food taskforce was making a killing by selling a 10kg bag of mealie-meal for 60 Rands or US$6.

The majority of Zimbabweans cannot afford to buy mealie-meal because they have restricted access to foreign currency, leaving the corrupt Zanu-PF members to benefit at the expense of many.

Members of the taskforce are grabbing 50 tonnes of mealie meal and go on to sell a 10kg bag for R50. That explains that they are making a killing, said the source.

Over 5.5million Zimbabweans – half of the population – are facing starvation due to poor agricultural and economic policies by the Zanu-PG government. More than 2 300 people have died of cholera in the southern African nation that was once Africa's pride. – Harare Tribune

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