Zimbabwean refugees to protest

vigil_10.jpgPress Association, UK

13th January 2009

Hundreds of Zimbabwean refugees are due to descend on Downing Street to urge
Gordon Brown to give them the right to work.

Zimbabweans are not deported to their home country but are unable to get
jobs or claim benefits.

The Prime Minister promised to review the status of Zimbabwean nationals six
months ago and will be urged to "keep his word".

Jonathan Cox, from the Citizens for Sanctuary campaign, which is organising
the demonstration said: "It has been half a year since the Prime Minister
promised to look at what could be done for Zimbabweans.

"This demonstration will remind Mr Brown that 11,000 destitute Zimbabweans
are waiting for him to keep his word.

"Our Government has been a world leader in criticising Mugabe while leaving
many of those who escaped that horrific regime to languish here without

"We must prepare Zimbabweans who came to Britain in search of sanctuary with
the skills and experience that they will need to forge a brighter future for
their country once democracy and stability are restored."

Archbishop of York John Sentamu has said more help is needed for Zimbabweans
living in a "dehumanising limbo" in Britain.

Demonstration organisers say many of the refugees living in Britain could
fill shortage occupations in Britain. They want internships in universities,
schools and other institutions to help Zimbabweans to rebuild their country
when the Mugabe regime comes to an end.

In July Mr Brown told the House of Commons that he was "actively looking" at
how to support failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers. He said: "They are provided
with accommodation and vouchers to ensure that they are not destitute, but
we are looking at what we can do to support Zimbabweans in that situation,
and we will report back to the House in due course."

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