Fighting deportation with suicide

A growing number of failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers worldwide are attempting suicides in an effort to avoid deportations back to Zimbabwe. On Saturday Peter Jackson Mode who is locked up in an Australian detention centre tried to kill himself by slashing his wrists and throat with broken

He is the fourth refugee at Baxter Detention centre in the country to
try to commit suicide inside a fortnight. Mode was found unconscious in
his cell by a fellow detainee. He was rushed to hospital and treated.
On Monday he was sent straight back into the same detention centre
pending deportation. It's also the second suicide attempt by the same
individual. Authorities have confirmed he is under medical care inside
the centre. Chrispen Kulinji who also spent several months in detention
in the UK says the detention system needs to be reviewed. People are
being held inside for long periods when they are supposed to be removed
within 7 days. He gave examples of some inmates he met who had been in
detention for 6 months and over. This he says is what is driving others
to consider suicide. If no deportation flights are imminent they should
not detain people. Kulinji says its better to be detained and deported
within a short time than to be mentally tortured with a long
incarceration. He urged authorities to reconsider their position on
Zimbabwean asylum seekers given the worsening situation back – SW Radio Africa

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