Namibia: NBC's axing of Kandetu a miscarriage of justice'

THE dismissal of Bob Kandetu as Director General of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) is a scandalous miscarriage of justice, the DTA of Namibia said yesterday.

The party's leader, Katuutire Kaura, told a media briefing that the
party expects the Office of the Ombudsman to launch an immediate probe
into the glaring injustice and react with deliberate speed to rectify
the situation.

I hope Bob Kandetu will not take this matter lying down and must take
it to the highest court in our land. He must exhaust all the possible
remedies, Kaura said.

The NBC's board booted Kandetu on Monday afternoon but it came as no
surprise to many, as he had been in the board's sights for months.

The acting chairperson of the board, Frieda Shimbuli, broke the news at
a briefing arranged only for NBC television and radio and excluding
other media.

Last month Swapo called for Kandetu's dismissal after the Rally for
Democracy and Progress (RDP) flag fleetingly flashed onto television
screens after President Hifikepunye Pohamba had read his New Year's
speech on December 31.

Swapo Information Secretary Jerry Ekandjo put the blame on Kandetu and
claimed the incident was orchestrated by members of the RDP to defame
Pohamba. Swapo claims that Kandetu has openly advocated himself as a
torchbearer of the RDP and is a known active RDP member.

Kandetu has denied RDP links in the past, saying that he had supported
Hidipo Hamutenya's campaign for the Swapo presidency because the party
had endorsed the three-candidate contest. The two other candidates at
the time were Pohamba and Prime Minister Nahas Angula. Kandetu has
emphasised he remains a Swapo member.

Kaura said employment in any parastatal or Government department cannot
be based on party affiliation but on the ability of the person to do
the job.

Why should Namibians be coerced into being Swapo members to get a job
in a parastatal or for a student to get a bursary? Kaura fumed.

He said Swapo claims to have fought a war against injustice but is busy doing the same injustice shamelessly in broad daylight.

Kaura said it was the opposition's duty to guard against any miscarriage of justice.

If we keep quiet on this one we shall be accomplices in an iniquity and history will judge us severely, he said.

Kandetu is expected to break his silence on the issue today.

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