No good faith

Dear Family and Friends,
Watching the loser of last years election swearing in the winner was an occasion not to be forgotten. The irony of it stuck in the throat and yet the reality of it brought the hope of change ever closer.

Its a change that is still not being reflected by state broadcaster ZBC
who seemed incapable of filming the ceremony and used SABC’s live
coverage of events at State House in Harare. The irony of that was not
lost us on us either considering that South Africa only introduced
television broadcasting many, many years after Zimbabwe.  In between
the flickering, flaring, haltering attempts by ZBC to record any of the
inauguration of Prime Minister Tsvangirai, we were bombarded with yet
another of  the seemingly endless supply of politically themed music

As Prime Minister Tsvangirai was preparing to pledge his oath of
office, ZBC’s concert had a banner reading: "We will never let go of
our land." And then another which read: "Uniting against sanctions."
There is no doubt where their allegiances lie!

Two days after our new Prime Minister was sworn in, ZBC TV still hadn’t
been able to sort themselves out in order to record the swearing in of
the new cabinet. Again they jumped from SABC TV to ZBC radio
commentaries and then, at 4 pm, and before all the Ministers had been
sworn in, the TV transmission stopped altogether.

We’d had long enough though to see the fresh, lively, intelligent,
eager faces of the new MDC cabinet Ministers. Long enough too to see
the same old, unsmiling, tired faces of the Zanu (PF) cabinet Ministers
– no changes there, just reshuffling and recycling yet again.

We also had time to see that the nominated deputy Minister of
Agriculture Roy Bennett was not there. This man, so admired and
respected by Zimbabweans from all walks of life had been arrested,
moved to another city 250 kilometres away and is being charged with

The arrest of Roy Bennett gave credence to the sceptics and doubters of
this unity government. There is no good faith here by the old order and
the leopard has not changed its spots. A long, hard road lies ahead.
Our thoughts are with all the civic society members and political
activists who are still in custody. None are forgotten.

I close with a message of condolence and sympathy to Australians who
have lost family members, friends, homes and possessions in the
devastating fires of the last fortnight. Zimbabwe knows how you have
stood up for us in our struggle and despair and our thoughts are with
you. Until next time, thanks for reading, Ndini shamwari yenyu.

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