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president_kgalema_motlanthe__3.jpgMDC SA to petition SADC Chairman, President Kgalema over Roy Bennett's arrest.
Thousands of Zimbabweans living in South Africa shall be visiting President Kgalema, on Monday to demand Roy Bennett's imm

As the guarantor of the unity government agreement in Zimbabwe, Kgalema
should put pressure on Robert Mugabe to stop his arrests of MDC
leaders. Busses would be ferrying people from all corners of South
Africa to Pretoria. We would not leave until the Deputy Minister of
Agriculture is set free. 

We are actually shocked that at a
time when we all expected everyone to be working towards peace, Zanu PF
is already at it well before the ink of signatories is still wet.

stayed and worked with Bennett in South Africa for three years and the
man does not deserve to be continuously persecuted like that. Pachedu,
as he is known by those he led, is a humble Zimbabwean with his country
at heart. No one benefits if Zanu PF’s actions continue to threaten the
livelihood of the inclusive government. Zimbabweans here want to go
back to Zimbabwe, we are tired of squatting in other people’s country
and we urge Zanu PF to conduct itself in a manner which is consistent
with the letter and spirit of the unity transitional government.

Zimbabwean is entitled to a form of rest, but Zanu PF elected to deny
Bennett and many others that. Some Zimbabweans here in South Africa are
busy packing their back to go back home to help in building up their
country, but with the on-going crack down of exiles, how then would
they proceed?

MDC SA Publicity & Information Secretary

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