State told to release rights activist to hospital


Magistrate Gloria Takundwa issued the directive after defence lawyer Alec Muchadehama asked her to use her powers to ensure the two received treatment at the Avenues private clinic, one of a few working hospitals in Harare.

Takundwa ordered prison officials to immediately release Mukoko and Chiramba
to the hospital while she also asked the state to appoint its own team of
doctors to examine the two.She said requested defence lawyers and the state to submit reports to her in
order to enable her to make a ruling on whether the two activists should be kept
at the hospital or returned to jail.The two’s health is said to have seriously deteriorated while in jail where
prison officials have kept them despite numerous orders to release them so they
could receive proper treatment.Mukoko, a former state broadcaster and now director of human rights
organisation Zimbabwe Peace Project, and Chiramba are among a group of rights
activists and opposition MDC members accused of attempting to recruit people for
military training in neighbouring Botswana to overthrow Mugabe.The accused were all kidnapped from different places last year and held
incommunicado for several weeks during which their lawyers say they were
severely tortured by state agents in a bid to force them to admit to the charges
of banditry.MDC leader and newly appointed Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Morgan Tsvangirai
yesterday called for the immediate release of all detained activists."All political abductees must be released now. They are not going to stay in
prison any day or week longer," Tsvangirai told thousands of supporters in
Harare, moments after his inauguration as Premier. – ZimOnline.

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