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Zanu never believed we'd join

HARARE - Zanu (PF) was caught flat-footed' by the MDC's decision to participate in the GNU, and is now in a state of  panic, says the party's spokesman, Nelson Chamisa.

Zanu (PF) never budget

In contrast to this, the MDC was prepared to hit the ground running and tackle the multitude of problems facing Zimbabwean's as a result of decades of Zanu (PF) misrule.

We are ready to sort out the working conditions of civil servants so that our children go back to school. We are ready to save lives. Zanu (PF) is not. We are ready to recover this economy and to bring back confidence in our institutions. Zanu (PF) is not. We are ready to give the people hope and faith. Zanu (PF) is not, said Chamisa in a statement earlier this week.

He said Zanu (PF)’s acts of commission and omission risked derailing the smooth passage of Constitutional Amendment 19, and dislocating the swearing-in of the Prime Minister and his deputies and the formation of an inclusive government thereafter.

We derive our comfort from the unbridled support and loyalty of the working people of Zimbabwe, the poor and the downtrodden, our parents in the rural areas, our brothers and sisters in the urban areas, the students, and the church and minority groups. Our wishes are anchored on the wishes and aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe who spoke unequivocally on 29 March 2009. The people are our compass, he said.

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