Kenya among 20 most corrupt countries

By Susan Anyangu

Kenya is among the 20 most corrupt countries in the world the national corruption opinion poll shows.

The poll released yesterday by Transparency International-Kenya also indicates that Kenya is ranked at the same level with several failed states and those emerging from civil wars.

"Kenya's rating is poor and we are among the most corrupt countries. Kenya is also rated closely with failed states like the Democratic Republic of Congo and those emerging from war like Liberia," said Mwangi Kibathi, a programme officer at TI-Kenya.

TI chairperson Huguette Labelle said Kenya's performance on fighting graft sits at 2.1 out of ten.

"While there have been notable gains in economic growth, persistent poverty in Kenya, one of Africa's biggest economies remains a major challenge as inequality continues to erode trust," she said.

Ms Labelle said poor public resource management, lack of accountability and general weaknesses in institutions impede Vision 2030.

"For any development plan to be realised, strong and transparent leadership is required. Transparency is crucial. Information on decisions taken should be available to the public," she said.

Strong institutions

She said Kenya needs strong institutions of governance with independence and capability to exercise their mandate.

"Anti-corruption plays a significant role in sustaining economic growth. People invest in countries with stability, peace and strong institutions. The justice system must also work," she said.

She urged the Government to speed up constitutional reform, which she said is the foundation for strong institutions.

"From the survey, it is clear that Kenyans strongly support constitutional reforms. We look forward to Kenya establishing a constitutional order that allows for separation of powers, accountability, good financial management and independent institutions," Labelle said.

While acknowledging that Kenya is not the only country plagued by corruption, Labelle said levels of graft and the consequent increase in the level of poverty was of great concern.

Fading confidence

She said increased corruption erodes the electorates' trust in leadership.

Recently, the media have reported on maize and oil scandals, which have been said to cost the public more than Sh10 billion.

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