KENYA: Kibaki tells off Press for “telling lies”

kibaki.jpgPresident Kibaki last evening reacted angrily to remarks touching on the First Family.

In a rare press conference at State House, Nairobi, Kibaki said he had "gotten in this foul mood" after listening to some remarks aired on television on Monday.

"I want to make it very clear that I have only one dear wife Lucy," an agitated Kibaki said, as the First Lady stood besides him.

"I do not have any other and anybody who knows me and knows my family and knows how I live knows I have one wife."

The President continued: "I have four children and you know their names. In case you don't, you can ask me or either of them."

Spreading lies

"But seriously, it is not possible to go on and on repeating this same thing when you people in the media, for some foul reason, love to publicise uwongo," Kibaki said.

The Head of State then issued a stern warning: "Anyone bent on that course of action will see me in court or wherever they will see me and I will deal with them, because there is no other way. The reason being, there is no genuine purpose for people to continue spreading lies about myself," he said.

The First Family's fury was triggered by remarks by former Kabete MP Paul Muite on Monday that were aired by KTN.

Mr Muite made the controversial statement at The Standard Group's offices, during the third anniversary commemoration of the infamous attack by State agents.

Yesterday, Muite, a senior State Counsel, stood his ground, saying: "I cannot apologise for speaking the truth. Why is the First Family overreacting?"

At State House, the First Family came out with guns blazing, and warned dire consequences against those "bent on peddling lies" about them.

This is the second time Kibaki has publicly sought to clear the air about members of his family.

Yesterday, Kibaki introduced his wife Lucy and went on in the terse off-the-cuff address: "I want to state something that I have wanted you to know and to hold dear and permanently in my heart."

"I have one wife, but I am deeply worried that the media keeps on repeating that I have wives," he said.

Offending remarks

"I decided to appeal to you the public to listen to what I say and not continue dispelling lies. I have said I have relatives who are from my family and who are known. I do not know any other people. All I appeal to you is to listen to what I say and to tell everyone the truth. That is what will help the country," Kibaki said.

After concluding his remarks, the President invited questions.

Asked what he thought was the genesis of the offending remarks, Kibaki responded: "I do not know. That's precisely why I feel pain."

Annoyed, Lucy Kibaki cut in saying, "It's you KTN," pointing at the KTN journalist who posed the question. She taunted journalists to "ask questions now so that you can go write the truth".

Kibaki said: "I don't know why anyone would want to continue telling lies".

With her voice trailing off in bitterness, Lucy said: "You have been tormenting us. I don't know what you KTN want. I nearly came to your studio last night to attack you like I did with Nation."

Present were Head of the Civil Service Francis Muthaura and Police Commissioner Hussein Ali.

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