Kunonga not Anglican

EDITOR - At the swearing in ceremony, Dr. Kunonga was referred to as bishop Kunonga of the Anglican Church. This is incorrect and we have since received some complaints about the above statement.
The purpose of this letter is to set the record straight and assure our Anglican members a

After he himself withdrew from the Church of the province of Central
Africa in September 2007 and formed his own church, he cut all the ties
with the Anglican Diocese of Harare and therefore with the Church of
the province of Central Africa and he is no longer a bishop in the
Anglican Church. Subsequently, in May 2008 Dr. Kunonga was excommuni-

cated from the Anglican Church. We trust that this clarification will
assist ZBC in the future. – THE RIGHT REV. DR. S. BAKARE, Harare

You were wrong!

TO MORGAN TSVANGIRAI – I want you, Prime Minister Morgan Richard
Tsvangirai, to prove me and other skeptics wrong. You were either ill
advised, pressurised by your fellow African leaders or you carelessly
misjudged the mess you were putting yourself in when you entered into
this so called deal. But all in all you were wrong to agree with
stubborn Robert Mugabe to enter into Government of National Unity
before all your demands were met.

MDC members and activists are still being abducted, tortured, locked up
in prison and most annoyingly one of your senior lieutenants, Roy
Bennett, was incarcerated the very day he was meant to be sworn in as
Deputy Minister of Agriculture.  After such an irritating direct
challenge by Zanu (PF) thugs, you decided not to take any action and
continued with the swearing in of ministers. The arrest of Roy Bennett
should have knocked some sense into you.

Till today you have not taken any tangible action for the release of
these innocent people from prisons. You have continuously condemned
this barbarism but to be honest you are just wasting your breath and
time because your words are just falling on deaf ears.

More embarrassing than that, you begged Mugabe’s henchmen not to invade
white farms through media but a few days later when Mugabe was hosting
his extravagant birthday bash he blatantly and arrogantly announced
that they will continue invading white farms.    

You have walked yourself to your political grave and soon you will
disappear into the oblivion like all those who have tried to settle a
unity with Mugabe before.

Mugabe doesn’t see you as a co-leader that’s why he doesn’t consult you
when he is making appointments. If you want to be people driven you
need to listen to what people are saying and take action now. – PETER

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