Tsvangirai to deliver maiden speech to parly

morgan_tsvangirai_and_mai_mujuru.jpgPrime Minister Morgan (L)Tsvangirai and Vice President Joice Mujuru (R)
ZIMBABWE - HARARE - Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai will today deliver his maiden speech to the House of Assembly,  ZimDaily has establishe

The Prime Minister's office said Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara is also to attend the occasion.

Prime Minister Tsvangirai would deliver his maiden address to the
House of Assembly and we expect Professor Mutambara to attend the
session, the statement said.

Under Constitutional Amendment No.19 Act, Prime Minister Tsvangirai
will among other responsibilities ensure that legislation necessary to
enable Government to carry out its functions is established.

In this regard, the Prime Minister has the responsibility to discharge
the functions of Leader of Government Business in Parliament.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Tsvangirai, his deputy Professor Arthur
Mutambara, Minister Gorden Moyo will today be sworn in as Members of
the House Assembly.

Clerk of Parliament Mr Austin Zvoma confirmed the programme saying
ZanuPF is also expected to nominate a member to fill in a vacant post
after Vice President Joyce Mujuru took up her posting.

Prime Minister Tsvangirai, Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara and
Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office Gorden Moyo would be
sworn in according to Constitutional and Standing Order of Parliament

ZanuPF would also nominate a non constituency Member of the House of
Assembly to replace Honourable Mujuru, the Vice President as Minister
Moyo took up the place left by Deputy Prime Minister Khupe, he said.

According to the country's Constitution, every Member of Parliament
both in the House of Assembly and Senate would take an Oath or
Affirmation of Loyalty before taking part in any business of the august

In a statement yesterday, the Prime Minister's office said Prime
Minister Tsvangirai would also deliver his maiden speech in the House
of Assembly today.

Meanwhile,  Zimbabwe’s pro-democracy civil society has formally formed
a monitoring mechanism that will play watchdog role on the inclusive
government to monitor and assess the adherence and implementation of
the inter-party political agreement.

At least 24 independent civil society groups launched the monitoring
mechanism in Harare which has five thematic clusters that will
superintend over issues to do with the economy and development, the
constitutional reform process, the political transition and justice;
institutional transformation and also ensure respect for human rights.

Okay Machisa, national director of ZimRights told a news conference
that the mechanism will ensure progress on critical issues which might
be overlooked or remain unaddressed within the ambit of the inter-party

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