Diaspora internet abuse

internet.jpgThere are some Zimbabweans in the Diaspora who are abusing the privilege of having easy and unlimited access to the internet, by posting slander on Zimbabwean news websites.

The perpetrators use vulgar and offensive language to discredit
well-known Zimbabwean activists, mostly targeting women. These people
are desperate to thwart the gradual flowing in of freedom in Zimbabwe.
Freedom, which knows no gender, race or political affiliation.

When the perpetrators feature as men, one can conclude that they are
male chauvinists who are sadly living by the old mentality. Sometimes,
the perpetrators are fellow women, possibly suffering from some form of
frustration and the only route to release the frustration is through
the internet.

To the perpetrator, the holding of political office, protest singing,
critical writing, and any so related fields, are no go areas for women.
Any slight movement beyond the parameters and boundaries they
stipulated is utterly unacceptable. Those who opt to move beyond the
boundaries and lines they have marked and drawn risk being pounced upon
through their vitriolic vicious attacks.

Zimbabwean female blogger, BritaVoice has fallen victim to some of this
abuse. These perpetrators feel threatened and are jealous of the
sophisticated approach of her work and her vibrant analytical skills.

It is almost certain that a great number of these perpetrators are
Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, given that in Zimbabwe, most have very
limited access to internet.

There must be a way for the website moderators of these different news
sites, to ban these Zimbabwean internet abusers from posting unethical

Differences in opinion are very healthy in a democratic society, but,
stupid and silly scathing attacks are unwarranted and uncalled for.


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