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It seems the MDC in Johannesburg, is trying to please South African authorities, with their announcement that Zimbabweans should return to Zimbabwe. This announcement was made on ETV's Sunday news, during a small gathering which they were invited to.

Among other things, they announced that they would support people when they return -financially; they would supply transport because the Diaspora is needed to rebuild Zimbabwe. We have received no information as to how they will support people once they have returned and how they intend on providing transport. We have received a large amount of complaints from people who feel betrayed by the MDC’s public proclamation, but also two enquires asking how they can obtain this assistance from the MDC. I appeal to the MDC, to write in this newspaper, their plan. We ask of them to do this in order to speak to Zimbabweans not only South Africans about such a plan. I will not defend or attack the MDC we can only assume that there is a reason for their public announcement.

We in PASSOP agree that there is a need for the return of Zimbabweans, back to Zimbabwe, but only when there is employment and opportunity and this is clearly not the case at the moment- we still have thieves in government. The thieves are the problem, Zimbabwe indeed can succeed -but only when we have weeded out all the thieves. We are alarmed by the effect of MDC announcements on the Diaspora in South Africa; they could make it seem as if things are better- which jeopardises the chances of the Diaspora gaining documentation and status in South Africa.

The latest on the new document:

The government has decided to stop issuing the section 23 temporary document from their NIB (national immigration branch) offices, which was valid for up to two months. They have decided to stop distribution because they see the temporary document as an unnecessary step in the process towards the issuing of the section 31.2 document which will be valid for 12 months. The department is awaiting the outcome of a cabinet meeting this week, during which the government will hopefully decide to release a large amount of resources to open up centres. These centres shall be used to distribute the section 31.2 document to Zimbabweans. A reminder, people must try to bring some proof of being Zimbabwean with them when they come to South Africa, it could help. Unfortunately, again, Zimbabweans have no choice, but to wait for the outcome of the meeting.

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