Family demands justice for police murder

The policeman who killed my son is still walking free'

legal_projects.jpgBULAWAYO - The family of a man who was shot and killed by a police superintendent three years ago have approached the new MDC Minister of Home Affairs, Giles Mutsekwa, seeking the pro

Artwell Magagada, 25, was shot and killed by a suspected drunken police
Superintendent, Milos Moyo in the city centre on January 1, 2007 while
on his way from work. He died at Mater Dei Hospital the following day.
Magagada worked for Chicken Inn food outlet. Superintendent Moyo is yet
to be arrested for the murder.

The policeman, based at Ross Camp police station, claimed that he shot
Magagada by mistake while trying to control excited motorists who were
hooting their cars in celebration of the new year.

Speaking to The Zimbabwean on Monday, Artwell's father, Caleb Magagada,
said he has approached the co-Home Affairs Minister Mutsekwa seeking
the prosecution of Superintendent Moyo accusing the police of sitting
on the case.

We want justice to be done. It's three years now but the policeman who killed my son is still walking free, said Magagada.

Zimbabwean police are well known for their heavy handed tactics against
civilians and in the past have been accused of committing human rights
abuses especially against government opponents.


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