I do not care – Tsvangirai

tsvangirai__generals_copy.jpgI do not care if generals don't salute me - Tsvangirai
Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has downplayed the contempt shown him by the country's generals. The MDC leader admitte

Tsvangirai said the country's constitution demands that the military
commanders should be loyal to the civilian authority in charge of the
country, of which he is now part in the government of national unity.

But I will not waste time worrying about whether someone has saluted
me or not, he said. My main worry is for the millions of people who
are still going hungry in Zimbabwe, the thousands that are suffering
from various diseases and the millions that are living as refugees
outside our borders.

For all I care, the generals will salute me whenever they want and if they do not, that is their own problem.

He did, however, expressed the hope that this attitude by the military
chiefs would soon change. I know that they are some of the people who
have benefited from the bad governance of the past and, obviously, they
would not want to lose their ill-gotten wealth.

I will soon sit down with them and try to find a way forward that will
make us work well together and resolve whatever issues might be there.
What I know though is that I have nothing against them and they must
also be having nothing against me.

The military chiefs have been accused of master-minding the campaign of
retribution against MDC supporters after the 2008 elections, which saw
the MDC over-turn a Zanu (PF) parliamentary majority, while Tsvangirai
also defeated Mugabe in the Presidential elections.

They have also been accused of trying to torpedo the unity government
in order to save their own lucrative and corrupt activities and to
avoid prosecution for numerous human right abuses.


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