Hundreds of Zimbabweans converged at an open ground space in KwaThema on Sunday to hear their local MDC leadership outline the partys mass home going programme.

MDCs Organising Secretary Rodgers Mudarikwa appealed to Zimbabweans to start preparing to go home to help President Morgan Tsvangirai to rebuild Zimbabwe.
Tsvangirai cannot rebuild Zimbabwe alone, we need to go back and help him, said Mudarikwa much to excitement and ululation from attendants.
The provincial Secretary William Mabona, explained to exiled Zimbabweans the need to reclaim their voting rights in 2011.
Mabona said if the 4 million Zimbabweans staying in South Africa were to be allowed to vote in the coming elections, Zanu PF will be finally buried.
This time we have to bus people into Zimbabwe to vote or we should be allowed to exercise our right to vote here in South Africa, said the soft speaking Mabona.
The home-sick Zimbabweans could not hide their excitement as chinja slogans reverberated in KwaThema township in KwaThema in township. Scores of South Africans cheered and whistled in a rare display of union as Zimbabweans chanted slogans in support of Tsvangirai.
The attendants went on to elect an East Rand MDC structure through which repatriation programmes would channeled through.
MDC Publicity & Information Secretary SA Province

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