Mugabe invited to Zuma inauguration

mugabe_asleep_at_sadc_summit.jpgJOHANNESBURG - South Africa said last week that it had invited President Robert Mugabe to attend the inauguration of African National Congress (ANC) party leader Jacob Zuma as the country's next president.
Zuma, who

The South African foreign
affairs department, which is responsible for inviting foreign
dignitaries said that only heads of states can be invited and they had
in accordance with state protocol invited Mugabe only and not Prime
Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

The invitations are for heads of
states. There is only one head of state in Zimbabwe so the invitation
goes to the head of state, that's it, foreign affairs spokesperson
Ronnie Mamoepa said.

It will be up to Mugabe as President to extend the invitation to Tsvangirai.

invite the president who is the head of state and government. Unless
the president refers to the prime minister, the president is invited."

foreign affairs department on Wednesday said 21 heads of state have so
far confirmed they will be attending Zuma’s inauguration and 20 other
countries would be represented mostly by their foreign ministers and
special envoys.

Mugabe and Tsvangirai formed a unity government
under a power sharing deal brokered last year by former South African
President Thabo Mbeki on behalf of the regional Southern Africa
Development Community (SADC).

Tsvangirai was sworn in as Prime
Minister last February to open a new chapter of cooperation with Mugabe
who remained President, immediately sparking hope that Zimbabweans will
see their country finally emerge from a decade of economic and
political crisis.

Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to South Africa Simon Kaya
Moyo when contacted for comment said the issue of who is coming or
accompanying Mugabe to Zuma's inauguration is an internal matter
between Zimbabwean politicians.

This is an internal matter because
the invitation is sent to the head of state, in this case the president
who will then choose the delegates whom he wants to accompany him. We
are all waiting to hear from home (Zimbabwe). At this moment I can't
confirm that Prime Minister is not coming because I haven't received
the list but hope will receive it soon, Moyo said.

Zuma who has
been outspoken against Mugabe’s autocratic rule has said that under his
rule South Africa will continue with its efforts to find lasting
solutions to political problems in neighbouring Zimbabwe and other
flashpoints in Africa.


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