No intention of leaving office

Mugabe does not seem like someone who will leave power any time soon.

bobo_874687289.jpgWhat was really going in Mugabe's mind when went to Zuma's inauguration as the fourth president of South Africa? I saw

South Africa got independence in 1994 and since then it has had four
leaders in office, but in Zimbabwe it is another story. Zimbabwe got
independence in 1980 but since then it has only had one ruler, Robert

In the 29 years that he has been in power he has witnessed Zimbabwe
turning from the bread basket of Southern Africa into a house of
hunger. He has witnessed inflation breaking world records. He has
witnessed helpless citizens dying of cholera and political violence. He
has witnessed war veterans snatching land from the white farmers only
for the few elite to share amongst themselves. He has witnessed new
farmers getting fuel only to sell it on the black market. He has
witnessed fertile soils that used to grow maize and tobacco growing

Mugabe has watched his government ruining everything that was rich and
glorious, changing order into chaos, turning abundance into want,
leaving behind them the glory of their own past. As things continued to
worsen, they amassed wealth but urged the majority to pay any price,
bear any pain, meet any hardship, support any friend and oppose any
foe. On the other hand their leader continued with his slogans and
sweet talk. Programmes to initiate economic turnaround were merely well
drawn cakes on paper that failed to satisfy people's hunger.

Even the collapse of the economy failed to make Mugabe pave the way for
new leaders. Instead he opted for a government of national unity. The
million dollar question though is will this government of national
unity be a triumph or tragedy for Zimbabwe?

What is worrying is that since January there have been disruptions on
17 farms. Zimbabwe's senate president, a Mugabe ally, is alleged to
have also seized a farm. Responding to the allegations Mugabe said:

There are no invasions taking place at all. Farmers are refusing to
vacate and they are being intransigent. Neither shall we stop land
redistribution or apportionment because farmers are crying foul.

In contrast the Deputy Prime Minister, Arthur Mutamabra said:

There will be no holy cows. The axe will hit where it may and we will
not tolerate any government official who is prolonging lawlessness.

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