South African Official Opposition demands release of Zimbabwe report

Johannesburg-South Africa's official opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has called for the South African Presidency to release the report compiled by a group of retired army generals to assess the role of the Zimbabwean security forces in exerting violence during last years elections.

The army generals were appointed by former President Thabo Mbeki as part of South Africa’s extended mediation team to resolve the political crisis in Zimbabwe. They compiled a report which was submitted to the Presidency, but the report was never released to the public despite numerous requests from civil society groups.
Former South African President Thabo Mbeki failed to provide reasons for the government’s refusal to release the report.
This report could go a long way in shedding the much-needed light on the many human rights violations that characterised Zimbabwe’s elections last year. The victims of the political violence in Zimbabwe will never have closure until those who were complicit in those atrocities are exposed said Athol Trollip, parliamentary leader of the DA.
News reports continue to emerge to this day from Zimbabwe of political intimidation and human rights abuses and the contents of this report would help us understand the dynamics that lie at the heart of it, and the actions that need to be taken to end any form of political intimidation or violence in Zimbabwe he added..
The previous administration’s secrecy in dealing with the political situation in Zimbabwe has created the perception that South Africa is protecting Robert Mugabe’s regime. If the Zuma administration does not release the report, it will reaffirm this perception.
The DA said they will continue to pressurise the Presidency to ensure that this report is made public.

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