Students continue to suffer

cases further remanded

leg_irons.jpgHARARE - More than 60 students are involved in court proceedings nationwide on spurious charges of breaching the peace, undermining police authority and public violence, as the battle for justice in the education sector rages on.

The Student Solidarity Trust released a list of the students whose
cases have either been further remanded to a later date or who have
been released on bail with serious reporting conditions.

The 10 NUST student activists who were arrested on April 16 on charges
of public violence appeared in court on April 20 and were released on
bail until their hearing on May 4.

23 Great Zimbabwe University students appeared in court on April 24
facing charges of public violence but their case was further remanded
until June 8.

Many more students face a long wait for the court to declare its
verdict, and those not fortunate enough to get bail, face abominable
prison conditions.


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