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tendaibiti_financeTransparency is what we are about
HARARE - MDC Secretary General and Finance Minister Tendai Biti has launched his ministrys website designed to make the treasury more visible to Zimbabweans as the country pushes a new image-building programme. Bitis move will make access to state documents easier than before.

This time the MDC is in control and not Zanu (PF). Transparency is what we are about. No more secrets when it comes to state expenditure and policies, said Biti.

Zimbabwe policy makers had been accustomed to the Zanu (PF) way of doing things whereby the populace did not have access to state documents while the Reserve Bank Governor overrode the minister of finance as he conducted quasi fiscal policies.

The website, that has sections on news, the structure of the Finance ministry, investment issues, a forum for stakeholders to post their views on various issues in the economy was launched in Harare on Thursday.

The website would be used as a tool of communication and getting ideas from the public. Most importantly, this is a vehicle that shows that there is a new paradigm in Zimbabwe, that Zimbabwe is adopting a matrix that we have nothing to hide. We will be communicating our messages and our programmes through the website. We hope that those who would want to research on and invest in Zimbabwe will find this website a useful tool of research and analysis,said Biti.

He said the website was part of the inclusive governments approach to open up Zimbabwe to the outside world.

This website is intended to act as some of the new image drivers for Zimbabwe. In the past we have been known to be a community of conflict and intolerance so now we want to show that we are graduating to a platform and that the days of conflict are gone.

The website,, comes after the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai launched his a few months ago.

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