Clarification Sought on Shooting

John_NkomoJohn Nkomo, the Minister of State for national Healing

BULAWAYO - Langton Masunda, the businessman and farmer embroiled in a farm ownership stand-off with John Nkomo, the Minister of State for natio

John Nkomo Langton’s young brother, Patrick, was injured after a security officer employed by Nkomo shot him five times during a visit to the disputed farm.

The security officer, Eddie Sigoge, was arrested and charged with attempted murder and unlawful possession of a firearm, but was released the following morning in suspicious circumstances after the state had initially opposed bail.
Masunda wants the Attorney General, Johannes Tomana, to clarify his position on the matter.

A certificate of ‘nolle prosequi’ in legal terms is an application made after the filing of an information or indictment, when the prosecutor representing the state’s interest or a lawyer is of the opinion that the available and admissible evidence is not sufficient to satisfy the court beyond reasonable doubt.
The lawyer representing Masunda in the matter, Vonani Majoko said his client applied for nolle prosequi, as it was now clear that the police want his client to be charged for public violence.

“The case we have before us is one where Masunda will be a witness in the attempted murder of his brother and he will take the stand as the accused in the same matter,” Majoko said.

Majoko said the letter written to the AG is seeking clarification on whether the state will prosecute the security officer accused of shooting and injuring one of the Masunda brothers.

He said the complainant also wants top know the owner of the firearm that was used in the shooting of Patrick.

When Sigoge appeared in court for a remand hearing prosecutors said he was not the registered owner of the pistol, but did not give details of the gun owner.

Under Section 28 of the Fire Arms Act it is an offence to transfer a firearm to another person.

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