Who is who among the looters

john_makumbe_logoGovernor Dinha must have been singing for his Merc
The funeral of Gideon Gonos late brother, Peter, accorded some of the major beneficiaries of the Reserve Bank Governors largesse to sing for their supper in a pathetic and embarrassing manner in Buhera recently. Patrick Chinamasa, a man who has never won an election in his life, s

They gave Zanu (PF) its marching orders on March 29 2008. Where was Patrick then? We did not know that Gono is Zanu (PF) and Zanu (PF) is Gideon Gono. Chinamasa further added that Zanu (PF) would not go, but let him wait for the next elections and he will see how fast both Gono and Zanu (PF) will depart. Service chiefs weighed in crudely by alleging that some of Gonos enemies were beneficiaries of his dubious quasi-fiscal policies.

The service chiefs fail to realize that the majority of the businesses of these Gono enemies are now on their knees precisely because of the pseudo doctors book-keeping expertise in wrecking a national economy. Vice Marshall Muchena, who represented the service chiefs, demonstrated his political mediocrity by castigating those of us who did not participate in the liberation struggle as essentially cowards. The man is not aware that those who crossed borders and those who remained at home all fought for the freedom of this country. It is also falsehood to say those who went to school while the war was in progress were learning on the basis of the blood of the fighters. That is utter rubbish.

Chinamasa further admits that Gonos bungling was as a result of instructions from him and other finance ministers. Well said, Patrick; now you too have to go. You too were rejected by the people in 2008 and are only part of government because, like Gono, you were appointed by Robert without whom you would be nothing. It is however, not true that sanctions were the cause of Zimbabwes economic meltdown.

The correct reason is that Zanu (PF) and its Gono forged ridiculous political, economic and social policies that essentially amounted to self-inflicted sanctions. It is ironic that the inclusive government should talk so much about the lifting of Western imposed sanctions without a single word about the numerous self-imposed restrictions such as POSA, AIPPA and BSA. Western sanctions are not an outstanding issue, as Chinamasa would like us to believe. Sanctions must stay put until there is evidence of progress towards the transition to democracy. We are all aware that political violence perpetrated by war veterans and Zanu (PF) militia is still very much in evidence in various parts of the country. There is little or no talk from Zanu (PF) quarters against all this violence. Why?

Advocate Dinha of Mashonaland Central was a circus when he claimed that all the people of his violent province were supporters of Gideon Gono. Nothing can be further from the truth. The thousands of people who were tortured and had their properties destroyed by Zanu (PF) hoodlums, who were financed by Gono, cannot be argued to be supporters of the looters facilitator, Gono.

Governor Dinha must have been singing for his Merc and the 4×4 that Gono may have allocated to him as part of his sanctions busting strategy. The Kwayedza article that was published in the Herald is a classic demonstration of the collapse of journalistic standards at Zimpapers. No attempt was made to translate the Shona statements into either English or Ndebele. It became obvious that the editor of that paper is of the view that Ndebeles and English only speakers have no business reading the silly paper, the Herald. May God help this nation!

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