Malawi to issue new passports from November 1

Immigration department says the process of acquiring Malawi passport will fully be computerized from November 1 with a capacity of printing 4, 000 passports.

According to Pudensiana Makalamba, spokesperson of the Immigration the department of Home Affairs and Internal Security, the computerised system will reduce problems such as double application.

With the current system its easy for a person to hold two passports as long as one changes a name, said Makalamba.

The new system will also affect change of features on new passports. Among the new changes will be the national emblem. But the department has not said anything on the possibility of raising the passport fees from the current K8, 000.

Technicians are working on the new system which will be ready by November 1. We will be able to capture finger prints through an automated process, said the immigration spokesperson.

Makalamba said the development will lead to timely processing of passport and permits.

Foreigners have been exploiting Malawis immigration system accessing the countrys passport and putting Malawis character in doubt because of their ill conduct.

Immigration, however, has been accusing Malawians themselves of aiding and abetting foreigners to obtain Malawian Passports and resident permits.

Recently security forces embarked on a crackdown on foreigners operating their business in the country illegally.

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